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Out of Words?

There is nothing more I can say about your eyes that I haven’t said already. I think. I mean, maybe there is more. Maybe there are words I’ve never heard spoken, or words I have never seen written, that could be used by my mind, by my fingers to type and say even more. It’s very possible. If I think about it, I mean, there could be words from France or Romania that would be fitting to explain more shit about your eyes. Maybe a phrase from that African click language… Don’t they have 369 words for sun? Your eyes are like African click language for sun, but it’s my language that it means anything in and the 369 words are not just words, but colors, phrases, dance, music, orgasms, breathing, weapons. They can say more if I could ever put them to paper, but I cannot. I am trying though. I am doing my darnedest.